JP Harris reboots “JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind & Rain” in Nashville April 2nd

After many years away from the traditional Appalachian music community that reared him, JP Harris has dusted off his banjos (and memory) and is unveiling his long-dead solo banjo show “JP Harris’ Dreadful Wind & Rain” April 2nd, at The Basement in Nashville, TN. He is joined by local old time fiddle staple Casy Meikle (with full band) and West Virginia’s finest songwriter John R. Miller.

JP’s taste in banjo tunes goes far beyond the clich├ęs commonly espoused when the instrument is mentioned; he exclusively plays fretless, open-back, old time banjos, influenced primarily by a nearly-extinct regional style from the border of North Carolina and Virginia known as “Round Peak” clawhammer banjo. Digging deep into the ballads he learned either in the woods, from a worn-out mix tape, or from the tattered pages of an old songbook, he brings an eerie sensibility, unique tunings, and his own haunting melodic variations to songs older than America itself.