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We’re pleased to announce we will be out as a three-piece supporting our good old buddies The Devil Makes Three, August 10-14! Venue info to be announced soon, but cities and dates are listed below. We’d also love to see everyone’s pledge towards your advance copy of our new album! There’s just over a week left to go, so go order your copy before it hits the shelves:

AUG 10: Millvale, PA

AUG 12th: Kalamazoo, MI

AUG. 13th: Davenport, IA

AUG. 14TH: Omaha, NE

New Album "Home Is Where The Hurt Is" now available for preorder!


After two years, dozens of accolades, hundreds of shows, thousands of miles, and heartaches beyond number, JP Harris and The Tough Choices are proud to announce the follow-up to our acclaimed debut album:

“Home Is Where The Hurt Is,” the 10-song, second album of all originals, penned by JP, is the culmination of a lot of road-living, a lot of memorable moments, a lot of mistakes, and a little bit of growing just a little bit older.

Recorded in our home of Nashville, this album has truly been an endeavor pulled off by the skin of our teeth. Several attempts to record fell through over the course of a year, leaving us all a little confused, frustrated, and increasingly hopeless about ever getting another album done before the momentum we’d created slowed to a crawl…

And then, on a chilly November morning, one of the Tough Choices made a call to friend and top-notch engineer Justin Francis. A call that lead us to Ronnie’s Place, the famed studio previously owned by both Ronnie Milsap and Roy Orbison, where Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, and countless other Country Music legends recorded throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

When the dust had settled a week or so later, the record featured stellar playing and singing by not only JP and many full- and part-time Tough Choices, but also many local friends, including the vocal stylings of indie-country starlet Nikki Lane, country-folk songstress Shelly Colvin, and long-time friend and collaborator Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show (in addition to harmony vocals, McCoy took up fiddle duties as well as rhythm and additional lead guitars). To top it off, JP enlisted Steve Berlin of Los Lobos to break a few rules and put some sax on the final track, a 50’s hillbilly-bop throwback about bad boys and bad living. Or good living. You decide after you get the record.

Thankfully, Cow Island Music has been gracious enough to fund this album. That said, as a small, independent record label, they are not without financial limitation. Playing, producing, or distributing quality, original music just doesn’t pay these days, let alone get recognition on sheer quality alone. If you’re reading this, I need not explain further.

After five years of touring and learning the ropes of the music world, we’ve come to realize that a good publicist is one of the most valuable tools an artist can possess. We can play guitars, we can fix blown water pumps…hell, I can lift a 100-ton church off the ground with 6 bottle jacks and a small pile of half-rotten timbers…

 But we still can’t get the attention of a lot of folks without one key player: the aforementioned publicist. And one worth their salt doesn’t come cheap. Nor should they; these folks work their asses off to help folks like us get that one mention that could change the course of our careers, our lives,  music history…


“Home Is Where The Hurt Is” debuts Sept. 23rd of this year. How can you help spread the word? All you have to do is buy an advance copy. Yup, that’s it. And what’s better? You’ll actually get it before the damn thing is even available for purchase!!! How’s that for a bargain?! If you’re a collector of vinyl such as myself, we’re offering the limited edition (500) first-pressing w/ alternate cover and artwork on a first-come first-served basis via this campaign. Of course, we would more-than-appreciate any extra scratch you could throw in, but just the base-rate purchase is a help we can’t thank you for enough.

If we can sell enough advance copies of the new album, we can successfully publicize it’s release for the first three crucial months of it’s release. Why should that matter to you? More publicity means more fans means more album sales means JP Harris and The Tough Choices on the road more–in that town you’ve always wished we’d play; with that lively crowd you always wanted at our show–and maybe we won’t (necessarily) have to scrap salvage copper for new tires. Then our scrap money can buy more frivolous, lavish things… like windshield wipers and dental care. The further beyond our goal we go, the longer we can continue to spread the word. (Long-term publicist/artist relationships tend to be dramatically more successful!)

I can’t describe what it means to me and the rest of the Tough Choices to be lucky enough to play traditional American Music to an audience that can recognize its importance to our past, our communities, and to our future as a country forever struggling to find ways to hold on to what makes it so grand. Thank you, one and all, for believing in Country Music, whatever your persuasion. And as always, take care- JP



After wrapping up 100+ tour dates (and countless local appearances) in 2013, JPHarris and The Tough Choices settled in for the winter to make the follow-up to Harris’ debut “I’ll Keep Calling.” Recorded in JP’s adopted home city of Nashville at the legendary Ronnie’s Place (former studio of Ronnie Milsap and birthplace of a multitude of classic country albums), “Home Is Where The Hurt Is” promises to be a hit with old and new fans alike.

Featuring local Indie-Country starlet Nikki Lane, long-time friend and collaborator Chance McCoy of Old Crow Medicine Show, and a crackerjack lineup of young, local players, the new original material on JP Harris’ sophomore album shows an expansion of lyricism and depth without straying from his oft-praised understanding of true Classic Country.  Release date and more information to be announced soon…





Summer is in full swing, and so are JP Harris and The Tough Choices. With yet another outstanding success for “I’ll Keep Calling” (winner of the 12th annual IMA Awards, there seems to be no sight of slowing down in the near future for this band of Honky Tonk crusaders. August brings a week-long stand at the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a jaunt to France for the Equiblues Country Music and Rodeo Festival, and another swing down the east coast. Plans are already underway for JP’s second album, to be recorded at home in Nashville later this fall. Also, new live recording sessions are now up at!!!


What’ll happen will when honky tonk heroes J.P. Harris and Joe Fletcher get in a van with one drummer, one bassist, and one guitarist? Well, J.P. and Joe can’t even answer that one yet. The Highway Roulette, coming this June, is all about spinning the wheel and seeing where the night takes us.

What we do know is you’ll get full band performance from each of these songwriters and plenty of collaborating as well. You’ll do the dancing and drinking and, more than likely, the calling in sick the next day. Whereas Joe has been seen on the road solo a lot this past year, he will be in full glory with backing band, bringing his tales to full and vivid life. And as JP has made a name solely as a loud, electrified honky tonker, this tour features a visitation to his past, throwing in eerie fretless-banjo murder ballads, new and unrecorded material, and some covers you would have never otherwise expected when he is seen with his backing band The Tough Choices. Both men have something unique to bring to the table, so bet on red or black; anywhere the ball stops will be a win.

J.P.’s latest release I’ll Keep Calling was voted Best Country Album of 2012 by The Nashville Scene, is nominated for the Independent Music Awards “Best Country Album” category, and has two of the twelve originals featured on April’s Hollywood release “At Any Price,” featuring Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron. You may have seen him opening for David Allan Coe, The Devil Makes Three, or Brown Bird or simply tearing up your local honky tonk. He has plans for a sophomore recording at home in Nashville later this year.

Joe Fletcher’s White Lighter record (featuring David Lamb and MorganEve Swain of Brown Bird, and John McCauley of Deer Tick, Middle Brother, and Diamond Rugs) soared up the Americana Music Association charts in 2012 earning him his first appearance at The Newport Folk Festival and opening slots for Lucero, Brown Bird, and The Head and The Heart.  He’s currently finishing up his third album, You’ve Got the Wrong Man.

"I'll Keep Calling" wins "Writer's Choice: Best Country Album of 2012"…

Great news from the frontlines of the war on god-awful country music: This week The Nashville Scene released it’s yearly “Best of Nashville” issue, and J.P. Harris’ “I’ll Keep Calling” tied with the legendary Chuck Mead’s most recent record for the win! Wonderful news for J.P., and even better news for the world of countryContinue Reading

"…and I'll drive through Hell to get there…"

Another day passes, another seedy motel fades in our memory, and J.P. Harris and The Tough Choices plow the pavement again. Having a short respite at the tail-end of May, J.P. and the boys headed out again May 28th, pushing their way down to Texas, and blowing the doors off the Austin Honky Tonks forContinue ReadingContinue Reading


I’ll Keep Calling Gear Jammin’ Daddy Badly Bent


Less than two months after the debut album, “I’ll Keep Calling,” was available for download and physical purchase, this soon-to-be classic has began ranking amongst the greats all over the world…including “Top 5 Most-Added” on the AMA charts, #3 on the RFA SpinList, #1 on the FAR charts, and #16 on the EuroAmericana charts. WithContinue Reading