"…and I'll drive through Hell to get there…"

Another day passes, another seedy motel fades in our memory, and J.P. Harris and The Tough Choices plow the pavement again. Having a short respite at the tail-end of May, J.P. and the boys headed out again May 28th, pushing their way down to Texas, and blowing the doors off the Austin Honky Tonks for a week…touring doesn’t relent again until early August, with only a few days in Nashville to change the oil, change their shirts, and wave goodbye again.

J.P.’s debut album “I’ll Keep Calling” has continued climbing the charts, voted #1 again for it’s third consecutive month on the FAR Charts, and holding steady at #1 on Root’s Music Report’s “True Country Top 50” for it’s 6th consecutive week. Plans for a limited-edition Vinyl release are in the works, slated for later this year; to be released simultaneously with an “I’ll Keep Calling”-themed pinup calendar, featuring some of NYC’s most sultry, salty, and witty burlesque girls on the scene!

As J.P. was overheard saying early one morning outside a Flying J truckstop, when asked where the guys were headed that day:

“I’m going to wherever the next Honky Tonk with cold beer and a PA is…and I’ll drive through Hell to get there…”